Last year, as Preserve Our Paradise went to court against the oil drillers in South Florida, Tamara Pearson pointed out the need to have the federal EPA designate local aquifers as “sole-source” aquifers.

Under federal law, if an area draws more than 51% of its water from a single aquifer, the EPA can designate that aquifer a “sole-source aquifer“, entitling it to additional protections:  Whenever federal monies are spent in a designated sole-source area, the EPA has the authority to review the project for impacts to the public drinking water.  The east coast of Florida gained that protection in the 1980s when the Biscayne Aquifer was designated sole-source.  Tamara pointed out that it is long past time to get equal protection for all of Florida.

Tamara went on to develop a draft petition to the EPA to have not just all of Florida designated as sole-source, but to have the entire Floridan Aquifer designated sole-source.

Preserve Our Paradise did not have the funds to hire a hydrologist to finalize the petition for submission to the EPA, but Sierra took up the cause.

The Sierra Club’s petition is here.  We are looking for the EPA to open the petition for comments in the not-too-distant future.  Watch this space for developments.