The officers and directors of Preserve Our Paradise, Inc. at incorporation are the following.

(All officers can be emailed

Joe D. Mulé, President
E-mail: j.mule

Joe retired from AT&T in 2009 after a very successful and award winning career as a regional director.  He went on to assume the CEO helm of XpoTek, then a four year-old Telecommunication analysis firm.  After a year he moved to Naples from Broward County and the beauty and Nature of Golden Gate Estates, where he uncovered a passion for permaculture food forest gardening.

Today, ensuring that our aquifer is protected from toxins and carcinogens occupies a great deal of his time as he labors with Preserve Our Paradise, Inc. to protect our environment.

Don Loritz, Vice-President and Treasurer
E-mail:  loritzdj

Don is a graduate of Harvard College, and received his doctorate in Psycholinguistics from Boston University.  Until his retirement and move to Naples in 2012, Dr. Loritz was a consulting research and search engine design scientist at LexisNexis Corporation in Dayton, Ohio.   Prior to that he was an associate professor and the head of computational linguistics at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.  His published works include How the Brain Evolved Language (Oxford University Press, 1999).

Pam Gharabally, Secretary
E-mail:  pam

Pam Gharabally has lived in Naples Florida for 14 years and most recently retired as a children’s outreach specialist  for the Collier County Library system.  Her background is in special events, coordinating large venue marketing  for Dayton Hudson, Target, and Mervyns California retail stores.  Educated in broadcasting and business she began as a fashion coordinator, owning and operating her own retail stores and was a noted expert in the field, as a columnist, commentator and talk radio guest.

Patricia Whitehead, Director
Naples, FL

Patty Patty holds an LL.M. in Environmental Law from the Vermont School of Law.  She is a long-time Southwest Florida environmental activist and Vice President of the Responsible Growth Management Coalition of Southwest Florida. 

Paul Mosher, Director
Naples, FL

Paul Mosher is a resident of Golden Gates Estates in Naples, Florida. After working in Dallas, Texas as an aircraft mechanic and inspector, Mr. Mosher formed a transport category aircraft consultancy company. He is now semi-retired working part time as aviation consultant and technical writer.